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If your looking to experience authentic Italian culinary masterpieces, then Nerano must be on your list of upscale dining. Chef Michele Lisi has hit the ball out of the park with his custom Italian cuisines with innovative flavor components . We promise that this a culinary adventure that you won't want to experience just once. From the time you enter, until you leave Nerano you will encounter a warm welcome, exceptional service and genuine hospitality. 

The Best By Farr team has had the pleasure of interviewing Nerano's Executive Chef, Michele Lisi.

Check out the Interview below.

Who was your biggest culinary influence?

Was the Chef Gualtiero Marchesi which was one of the best Italian Chef and the founder of modern Italian cuisine.

What was a career turning point for you?

One of the biggest career turning points was when I come here to LA in 2005 and worked at the restaurant Vincenti with the Chef/Owner Nicola Mastronardi, the second biggest one was when I worked for Thomas J. Barrack as a Private Chef traveling the world and tremendously expanded my kitchen vision, flavor and refined my palate.

Biggest pet peeve in the kitchen.

Is when people make up allergies; the servers are late picking up the food from the kitchen; or when a couple comes to the restaurant at 10:28pm and the kitchen closes at 10:30pm obviously everyone will have to stay later, the annoyance is mostly psychological because you think you’re almost done, so you’re not ready to stay thirty minutes longer or even more than that.


How do you cope with long hours.

I eat healthy, drink Italian water and anticipating what is next.


Your Ingredient obsession.

Extra virgin olive oil from Puglia because the taste reminds me of home and the aftertaste has an extra kick that adds another dimension of flavor.


Favorite kitchen tool. 

Sharp Japanese knifes


All-time most memorable meal.

When I cooked at the White House 


Favorite cheap eat.

Tacos from Pinches Tacos and Pizza, but in Italy, here in US is way too overpriced.


Favorite guilty pleasure.

Tiramisu’ and Gelato


Favorite customer.

My Fiancee and those who appreciate real Italian food.


Your most coveted pieces of equipment. 

Wood burning Pizza Oven in which I burn Almond and Olive woods for unique flavor.

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